García Véscovi, Eleonora

Eleonora García Véscovi is a Biochemist graduated from the Faculty of Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (FCByF) of the National University of Rosario; she completed her doctorate at the same Faculty, under direction of Dr. Alejandro Viale. She did his post-doctoral research training at Dr. Eduardo A. Groisman´s laboratory, Washington University School of Medicine at Saint Louis, United States. She is currently Principal Investigator at CONICET, and head of the Bacterial Pathogenesis Group at IBR. She is Professor of Molecular Biology of Bacterial Pathogenesis at FCByF. She has directed 11 Doctoral Theses and 11 undergraduate Theses in Biotechnology, post-doctoral fellows and national and international interns. In her scientific work, he leads the implementation of advanced tools in biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics, for the analysis of signal transduction mechanisms, regulation of gene expression, characterization of virulence factors and interaction of pathogenic bacteria with the host. She has also developed strategies for the identification of new pharmacophores to be used in the fight against bacteria. In scientific-academic management tasks, she served as President of SAMIGE, member of the Board of Directors of SAIB, Director of the Degrees in Biotechnology and the Doctorate in Cs. Biological FCByF-UNR, and she is current President of the IBR Foundation. 0000-0002-4431-8606

IG: @egarciavescovi, @libreciencia