Since 2012, the IBR has had its main headquarters, known as the CCT headquarters, located on the premises of the Scientific and Technological Center of CONICET in Rosario, CCT-Rosario. It occupies a 4-story building with two annexes, one for plant growth chambers and another for nuclear magnetic resonance, and has a branch at the Faculty of Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences of the National University of Rosario.

The CCT headquarters allows for the coexistence of various research groups in the same environment, fostering daily interaction. It is designed to allocate a substantial portion to shared workspaces, enabling more efficient utilization of available technological resources to carry out cutting-edge research projects in molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology, and structural biology.

Spanning 3600 square meters, the CCT headquarters includes:

  • 10 general-use laboratories
  • Two microscopy rooms
  • Three cell culture rooms
  • A radioisotope room
  • A fish culture room
  • A protein crystallization room equipped with a robot for dispensing nano-volumes of protein
  • An instrumentation room
  • Four cold rooms
  • Two temperature-controlled rooms (30 and 37 degrees Celsius)
  • Darkrooms
  • A chemical storage room
  • An electronics workshop and equipment maintenance area
  • Six plant growth chambers (three in the main building and three in the annex)
  • A nuclear magnetic resonance annex

Additionally, there are 36 offices for researchers, 12 cubicles for fellows and technical staff, three seminar rooms, a meeting room, a dining hall, a material washing and sterilization room, computer rooms, administrative offices, storage facilities, and other dependencies.

The work carried out at the CCT headquarters is coordinated with the activities of the groups located at the Faculty branch, where the majority of researchers are undergraduate and graduate professors. This branch houses seven general-use laboratories, a washing and sterilization room, a cell culture room, offices, a meeting room, and occupies a total of 500 square meters.