Since 2012 the IBR has its headquarters, named IBR-CCT, on the CONICET Scientific and Technological Center at Rosario campus, CCT-Rosario, with a 4-floors building plus two annexes, one for plant growth chambers and one for nuclear magnetic resonance. The Institute maintains its own dependences at the School of Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, National University of Rosario where most of the researchers are involved in undergraduate and graduate teaching.

The IBR-CCT quarters allow the gathering of several research groups with a daily interaction fostering truly interdisciplinary research. A substantial part of the building is intended for common working spaces that make more efficient the use of the available technological resources to carry out state of the art research in molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology and structural biology.

In 3600 square meters covered it hosts 10 laboratories for general purpose, two microscopy rooms, three cell culture rooms, a radioisotopes room, a fish-culture room, a crystallogenesis room, HPLC/spectrophotometers/fluorometers rooms, 4 cold rooms and 2 controlled-temperature chambers (30 to 37 Celsius), darkrooms, drugstore, an electronics and maintenance workshop, 6 chambers for growing plants, 3 in the main building and 3 in the annex, and a nuclear magnetic resonance building.

It  contains also 36 offices for researchers, 12 boxes for trainees and technical personnel, three seminar rooms and a meeting room, a lunch room, wash room and sterilization room, computer rooms, administrative offices and storage rooms, among others.

The research at this building is coordinated with that being held at the Biochemical School Campus. In a 500-square meters sector of the School this venue has 7 laboratories for general purpose, washing and sterilization room, cell culture rooms, offices, a meeting room, among other dependences.