Coux, Gabriela

Gabriela Coux has a degree in Biotechnology from the Faculty of Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (FCByF) of the National University of Rosario (UNR). She completed her PhD at the Institute of Experimental Physiology (IFISE) of the same Faculty, under the direction of Dr. María Mónica Elías. She did her postdoctoral studies at the IBR under the direction of Dr. Marcelo Cabada, and post-doctoral research stays at the University of Massachusetts, USA. She is an Associate Professor of Biophysics at FCByF-UNR. She is currently an Independent Researcher at CONICET, and Director of the project Regulation of genes controlling craniofacial morphogenesis. Her group studies the molecular mechanisms of embryonic craniofacial development, both under physiological and pathological circumstances.

Bioinformatics, biophysics, biochemistry, microscopy & molecular biology are the group’s favorite tools. And the zebrafish is the protagonist of these studies.

Twitter: @gcoux