Science in the heights

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Luis Mayorga, Mendoza recognized scientist , director of the Institute of Histology and Embryology Mendoza , visited the IBR .

During a day of intense scientific exchange , the new senior researcher at CONICET , gave a seminar on ” Cellular and Molecular Aspects of acrosomal exocytosis .”

The theme , linked to reproductive biology , addresses a particular process that occurs in the sperm , called exocytosis , fundamental to human fertilization.

Since 2001 with his group studied the mechanism of membrane fusion in this system where there was no previous studies.

– What is exocytosis acrosomal?
There are many cells have to secrete things from within, a known case are hormones, hormone-producing cells must segregate them , take them outside and how?

Filled bladder is a hormone that is fused with the plasma membrane of the cell to release the content. The sperm also has a vesicle with an odd shape , instead of being round is flat and around the sperm head , and likewise has to fuse with the plasma membrane to release , this process is essential for fertilization .

The merger makes change the whole structure of the sperm membrane but can not join the oocyte, can not form a new being.

– What is the importance of this study ?
I would say they are two , the first is the way it enables the sperm to fertilize . The second is that it is a nice model to study exocytosis in any cell, the mechanism used by neuroendocrine cells , or sperm are similar, this allows us to make comparisons between the two systems . By having a single vesicle per cell and be large enough to facilitate the work .

This brings us to the problem of infertility in humans or veterinary uses , as in any biological process , when you understand which mechanisms can design points where the process is sensitive to inhibit them , or to reactivate in cases not function .

“In scientific work , becomes relevant electron microscopy technique that allows to see how the sperm morphology in different conditions where membrane fusion machinery is altered is affected ; One advantage is the high -definition macromolecular complexes which are observed “he explains.

Mayorga, is currently coordinator of the National System of Electron Microscopy and by the advisory board of microscopy, are designing a strategic plan for the country with technology and work openly for all research institutes and companies in our country. This would enhance the national scientific production that requires this technique. And of course they are working on the training of highly qualified human resources for use .

Between science and mountaineering

Lover mountaineering, celebrated one of its publications in Molecular and Cellular Biology at the top of El Meson de San Juan, a 6019 meters high.

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