Repizo, Guillermo

Professional career

2018-current. Conicet associate researcher.

2016-2018. Conicet assistant researcher.

2012-2015. Postdoctoral Researcher. Cell biology of Bacterial Pathogenesis group (Dr. Suzana Salcedo). BMSSI Unit. Institut of Biology and Chemistry of Proteins. CNRS. Lyon. France. Project: “Studying host-pathogen interactions in opportunistic bacteria: Acinetobacter as a model system”

2010-2012. Post-doctoral fellow. National Research Council of Argentina (CONICET), IBR, Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Christian Magni. Genetic and biochemical studies on malate, citrate and C4 compounds metabolisms and its contribution to pH-stress resistance in E. faecalis. Genomic sequencing of E. mundttii CRL1656 and comparative analysis.

2005-2010. Ph. D. in Biological Sciences. Biochemistry and Pharmacy Faculty. UNR–IBR. Thesis: “Biochemical-genetic studies on citrate metabolism and its aroma generating derivatives in lactic acid bacteria”. Supervisor: Dr. Christian Magni.

1997–2004. University Degree, Licenciate in Biotechnology. Biochemistry and Pharmacy Faculty. UNR. Five-year degree with final thesis (equivalent to M.Sc). Undergraduate thesis (2 years): “Transcriptional analysis on the B. subtilis CitS-CitT two component system”. Supervisor: Dr. Christian Magni

Short visits to other laboratories:

2017. Awarded with a Fulbright fellowship. 3 months-stay at Dr. Howard Shuman laboratory, Microbiology department. University of Chicago, USA. Project: “T6SS contribution to the physiopathology of de nosocomial pathogen Acinetobacter baumannii”.

2012. Ecos-Sud Collaboration Program between France and Argentina (Nº: A09B03). 3 months-stay at Dr. Josef Deutscher laboratory, Laboratoire Microbiologie et Génétique Moléculaire-INRA/AGROPARITECH-UMR Micalis, Thiverval-Grignon, France. Project: “Molecular Mechanisms of Catabolite Repression in Gram-Positive Bacteria”.

2009. Awarded with the “Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds -Stiftung für medizinische Grundlagenforschung” fellowship. 3 months-stay at Dr. Juke Lolkema laboratory, Molecular Microbiology, Groningen Biomolecular Sciences and Biotechnology Institute, University of Groningen, The Netherlands. Project: “Biochemical characterization of Enterococcus faecalis oxaloacetate decarboxylase complex”

Teaching duties:

2016-current. Assistant Professor in the Department of Molecular Biology. Biochemistry and Pharmacy Faculty. UNR.

2017. Invited professor of the post-grade course “Topics in Molecular Microbiology”. Biochemistry and Pharmacy Faculty. UNR.

2016-current. PhD thesis tutor. Biochemistry and Pharmacy Faculty. UNR.

2010-current. Member of thesis committee. Biochemistry and Pharmacy Faculty. UNR.


Additional information:

2017-current. Member of the Argentinian Microbiology Association (AAM)

2015. Program “Raices”. Grant awarded by Mincyt to Argentinean researchers working abroad (to cover reinstallation expenses in an Argentinean laboratory).


Research lines

Type 6 secretion system contribution to A. baumannii pathogenesis.

Whole-genome sequencing and analysis of Acinetobacter strains.


PhD students

2019-current. Biochemist Bruno Steimbruch.

2019-current. Lic. Lucía Giacone.

Undergraduate students

Undergraduate thesis:

2019-current. Biotechnology student Joana Seravalle. FBIOYF-UNR.

2017-2018. Biotechnology student Juan Ignacio Díaz. FBIOYF-UNR. “Contribución del T6SS a la interacción del patógeno nosocomial A. baumannii con el hospedador usando a C. elegans como modelo de infección”


2018. Lic. in Biotechnology Julián Paganini. FBIOYF-UNR. “Análisis de la evolución de cepas locales multi-resistentes de Acinetobacter baumannii mediante estudios de genómica comparativa”

2018. Biotechnology student Joana Seravalle. FBIOYF-UNR. “Regulación del T6SS en A. baumannii”.

2017. Biotechnology student Lara Salvañal. FBIOYF-UNR. “Contribución del sistema de secreción tipo 6 a la fisiopatología de A. baumannii”.


Selected articles

Bioinformatic analysis of the type VI secretion system and its potential toxins in the Acinetobacter genus. (2019). Repizo GD*, Espariz M, Seravalle JL, Salcedo SP. Front. Microbiol. 10:2519.
Characterization of the diverse plasmid pool harbored by the blaNDM-1-containing Acinetobacter bereziniae HPC229 clinical strain. (2019). Brovedan M, Repizo GD, Marchiaro P, Viale A, and Limansky A. PLOS One. 10.1371/journal.pone.0220584.
Site-specific recombination at XerC/D sites mediates the formation and resolution of plasmid co-integrates carrying a blaOXA-58- and TnaphA6 resistance module in Acinetobacter baumannii. (2018). Cameranesi MM, Moran-Barrio J, Limansky AS, Repizo GD, Viale AM. Front. Microbiol. 26:9:66.
Three novel Acinetobacter baumannii plasmid replicase-homology groups inferred from the analysis of a multidrug-resistant clinical strain isolated in Argentina. (2017). Cameranesi MM, Limansky AS, Moran-Barrio J, Repizo GD*, Viale AM*. J Infect Dis Epidemiol 3:046. (*:corresponding author)
The environmental Acinetobacter baumannii isolate DSM30011 reveals clues into the pre-antibiotic era genome diversity, virulence potential and niche range of a predominant nosocomial pathogen. (2017). Repizo GD*, Viale AM, Borges V, Cameranesi M, Taib N, Espariz E, Brochier-Armanet C, Gomes JP, Limansky A and Salcedo SP. Genome Biol Evol. 9:2292-2307. (*:corresponding author)
Prevalence of Acinetobacter baumannii strains expressing the Type 6 secretion system in patients with bacteremia. (2017) Repizo GD*. Virulence. 26:1-3. doi: 10.1080/21505594.2017.1346768. (*:corresponding author)
Differential role of the T6SS in Acinetobacter baumannii virulence. (2015) Repizo GD, Gagné S, Foucault-Grunenwald M-L, Borges V, Charpentier X, Salcedo S. PlosOne 10(9): e0138265.


Dr. Howard Shuman, Dpto. de Microbiología. Univ. de Chicago, EE. UU.

Dra. Suzana Salcedo-C2BP-IBCP (CNRS). Lyon, Francia.

Dr. Diego de Mendoza (IBR-Conicet).

Dr. Néstor Cortez (IBR-Conicet).

Dr. Martín Espariz (IBR-Conicet).



PICT2017-3536. Morán Barrio-Repizo “Evolución y diseminación de plásmidos conteniendo genes de carbapenemasas tipo-OXA en cepas clínicas locales MR de Ab“.

PIP2017: Morán Barrio-Repizo “Contribución de las proteínas secretadas en vesículas de membrana externa a la fisiopatología del patógeno nosocomial Ab”.

PICT2015-1072. A. Viale. “Contribución de elementos genéticos móviles portadores de genes de resistencia y proteínas de membrana externa a la adquisición de resistencia a carbapenemes en cepas multirresistentes del patógeno nosocomial oportunista Acinetobacter baumannii”.


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