Josefina Prats: a foundation that supports young students

Comitiva de la Fundación Prats junto a miembros del IBR.

Members of the Fundación Josefina Prats visited the Institute , toured the facilities and spoke with investigators and trainees.

The Prats Josefina Rosario Foundation is a nonprofit organization that aims to provide financial support for public welfare institutions for charitable and cultural purposes.
Currently working with around 90 rosarinas organizations like the Orphan Home , Provincial Historical Museum , the Circle Theater , the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, CONICET and institutes of Rosario , among others.

Its current president , Dr. Edmundo Rúveda was promoter in the 90s of Prats Awards, best graduate student in Chemistry is awarded . Subsequently, in 2000 , proposed to extend it to Rúveda racing Biotechnology and Physics. Currently , it is a strong driver of economic doctoral fellows three Institutes of CONICET- UNR aids, IBR , and IFIR IQUIR and from this year fellows of Agricultural Sciences . This methodology began in 2001 and continues to this day without interruption. “It’s a motivational tool for young students and the local scientific community,” the doctor says.