Awards: “Fundación Josefina Prats”

Becarios del CONICET que recibirán las Ayudas económicas de la Fundación Prats.

In a ceremony at the headquarters of the Fundación Josefina Prats, awards to outstanding graduates for careers Bachelor of Biotechnology, Physics, Chemistry and Agricultural Engineering, National University of Rosario and Economic Aid to be delivered Fellows doctoral of CONICET.

The event will be held on Friday, September 13th at 18:00 pm. in headquarters, 1995 Cordoba Foundation. This year, the financial aid will be awarded to María Florencia Ercoli, and Martin Mayta IBR.
In this context, Professor Jorge Adámoli, agronomist and specialist regional biologist in ecology and environmental impact of the UBA, will speak on “2020: The challenge of achieving increased production, greater equity and improved environmental quality.”